Par 3

Yardage 214/Blues175/Whites


Layout: Straight-ahead par-3 with stream angling in front of green to right with bunker on left and out of bounds right behind a small green.

Short and sweet

This hole has been changed a few times since it was built in 1922, but the original green is still there.

Professionally speaking

"This is the definitely the toughest hole at Nibley. The difficulty comes from the length and the green being so small. It's easy to miss right or left and you have the out of bounds right behind. It's also hard to get a visual reference because of the tall grass around the stream."

--Paul Phillips, assistant pro, Nibley


Off the tee: You need to trust your yardage because the tall grass around the stream makes the distance deceiving. You don't want to miss the green because a bunker sits to the left side and the stream angles to the right. Hit too much club and you'll be across a fence and out of bounds.

On the green: This is the easy part. Because the green is quite small, you won't have a lot of long putts and they should be fairly straight because of the flatness of the green.