I just saw the horrors of war.

"Saving Private Ryan" is the real war movie of the century. It is not another movie out to glorify war. The whole movie was about how sick and wrong war can be. It is time to see the real bitterness before we run off to get into another one for some special-interest groups. War is more about making a few people money than it is about preserving freedom. War for economic gain will be tolerated in America again and again, unless we question every motive and pull back some of the power we have delegated to government. Government is about power, and the citizens are the only thing between that government and tyranny. Find out what the real reasons are for going to war in the modern world. Does it remind you historians of ancient Greece? Political manipulation is a real game with real lives at stake. We are growing dangerously close to another war, and it is time to read and learn from history before we make more tragic mistakes with human life. Why don't we learn from this historic movie? My deepest sympathy goes to all who have paid the price of blood, sweat and tears.This movie reached me. I hope that people look at war differently. I was born into a military family and have had years of military training. Many of my relatives have been killed in war. War is ugly. I am appalled by America's continual warfare policy.

Cory Molloy

Salt Lake City