There is a lot of controversy about polygamy lately. Some say we should change the state Constitution to allow it. Some say it is protected by the First Amendment.

It probably should have been, but the Edmunds Law of 1882 (sustained by the Supreme Court) outlawed it. As far as I know, that law is still in effect. The Manifesto of 1890 states that the LDS Church will not practice any marriage forbidden by law.Some say if polygamy were prosecuted, so should be adultery, fornication, sodomy, etc. Well, they probably should be. They are unlawful in most, if not all, states.

Some wonder what would become of the children if polygamy were prosecuted. I think children born out of wedlock should, unless the parents enter lawful marriage (here we deal with fornication as well as polygamy) be placed for adoption. This would work fine for young children. The older ones would be more of a problem.

I believe all children have a right to be born and raised in a family consisting of a legally married husband and wife. No amount of adult rights, or personal rights, should be allowed to interfere with the right of children to be born and raised in the proper framework. If someone brings a child into the world illegitimately, they don't have parental rights to begin with, not having been married legally.

John D. McGowan