I recently graduated with a degree in fisheries and wildlife management from Utah State University. Throughout my education, it became very clear how important hunting and fishing are to the management of our natural resources. The key to this issue is the fact that the first and most influential conservationists are and have been hunters and fishers. These people are the animals' true friends. They are the people who are willing to spend the dollars for habitat, which is where the future of fish and wildlife is.

As an employee of Anglers' Inn, I talk to thousands of anglers who are also concerned about the animal rights activists trying to stop fishing in Yellowstone and other national parks. It is clear that after hunting, fishing is the next war they (animal rights activists) are preparing to stage.Our family will be voting for Proposition 5 because it protects a system and process that has served Utah well for nearly a century. All wildlife species have prospered. Proposition 5 makes a statement that Utah citizens support sound wildlife management and that hunting and fishing are an integral and important part of keeping all wildlife populations and their habitats healthy for future generations. Fishing and hunting are family traditions worth fighting for.

Patrick Hogle

Salt Lake City