The test of a true entertainer is if he or she can continue to entertain under stressful situations. This was the case Monday night with Helen Reddy and crew at her live outdoor concert at Orem's SCERA Shell.

Reddy, a very able singer, did her first set of music in soft, nightclub style with jazz backup. She sang some well-known favorites, including "Leave Me Alone," "You Make Me Feel So Young" and one of her all-time favorites, "You and Me Against the World."Dressed in a sleeveless floor-length black gown, Reddy, "a proud grandmother," was smooth and sultry. She introduced a number from her forthcoming album "Center Stage" titled "I Still Believe in Love." The crowd approved. She added a number from her one-woman show, "Shirley Valentine." Listeners were enthralled.

Other songs in the first half included "Here in Your Arms," "Long Time Looking," and Cole Porter's "Get Out of Town." The audience was receptive and almost too "nice." They never were allowed to get rowdy.

Nearly 3,000 ticket holders sat for more than an hour prior to the show, popping the umbrellas up and down with the faintest hint of rain. By showtime, it was obvious the weather could be the spoiler of the concert.

During the 15-minute in-ter-mis-sion, the rain began to pour. When Reddy came out, she said she was willing to continue on as long as her band was safe from electrocution. She was soaked from head to toe. The only thing concerning her, besides the lightning, was whether or not her dress would shrink. Most of the audience was with her and applauded her on, particularly when she lifted the dress and exposed a pair of tight fitting baby blue bicycle pants. She said it had something to do with the fact that she packed the wrong colored nylons and needed some sup-port.

Support is what she got from the crowd, but three songs into the intermission, the crowd just couldn't take the dousing any longer. Reddy cut her concert short by quickly ending with the songs the crowd came to hear most: "Delta Dawn," "Angie Baby" and her signature anthem, "I Am Woman."