Some critics think Carrot Top's upcoming performance in Indiana is a bad joke.

The manic comedian with the wiry red hair is scheduled to perform Friday at the reopening of the 77-year-old Victory Theatre in downtown Evansville. The lavish, 1,950-seat theater has gone through a $19 million reconstruction.Alfred Savia, music director of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra, recently referred to Carrot Top as "dDeclassDe" upon learning of the selection.

But the 30-year-old comic says his stage act is nothing like the wacky comedy he performs on late-night talk shows, where he is liable to pull out a pair of boots equipped with a kickstand (for drunk cowboys) or a Slurpee cup with a forehead heater (to prevent a "cold headache").

"I can be as classy as they want me to be," said the comedian, whose real name is Scott Thompson. "I'll just bring the Carrot Top Orchestra and my Rockette-style dancers - the Carrotettes. They want class? We'll show 'em class."