A kindergartner described a lunch during the first week of school as "chicken nuggles and bread balls." ("We don't eat rolls a lot at our house," his mom said.)

Another kindergartner was asked to demonstrate something she had learned at school. She proudly recited "I pledge allegiance to the flag . . . " all the way through, concluding grandly with the words "with liberty and free lunch for all."- COLLECTIBLES: The Official Price Guide to Lunch Box Collectibles lists these boxes worth far more than their original value:

1. Mickey Mouse, 1935, $1,000

2. Star Trek, 1968-69, $250

3. Bullwinkle, 1963, $200

4. Beany & Cecil, 1963, $150

5. Lost in Space, 1978-79, $145 - From The Book of Lists for Kids, by Sandra and Harry Choron (Houghton Mifflin).