Former Green Beret colonel James "Bo" Gritz says some of his volunteer searchers have had second-hand contact with abortion clinic bombing suspect Eric Rudolph.

Gritz said some of his 40 helpers have spoken to someone who has had contact with Rudolph."We now have some very positive information from people who have been helping Eric Rudolph," Gritz said at his base camp Sunday before heading out in the woods again. "We are going to act on it."

Gritz also said a contact he did not identify told him that locals have seen a young man with a pony tail coming in from the woods to get food and other materials. But "no one is saying that this young man with a pony tail is Eric," he said.

The Southeast Bombing Task Force is leading the federal search for Rudolph, who has eluded authorities since a fatal abortion clinic bombing in January. A spokesman declined comment on Gritz's statements Sunday.

Gritz helped negotiate an end to the 1992 FBI siege of a family of white separatists at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and briefly was a mediator in the Montana Freemen standoff in 1996.