We are a little confused over David Brighton Timmins' letter (Aug. 4) concerning light rail and the use of jitney (mini) buses.

Mr. Timmins states that jitney buses are used in Paris, Madrid and Mexico City. Neither of us has been to Paris or Mexico City, but we have both been to Madrid. We know for a fact that the bus system Mr. Timmins described in his letter does not exist in the greater Madrid area. The citizens there, however, do depend highly upon a metro (light-rail) system.Who are we? Just two average, but intelligent, people who have lived around the world and have traveled extensively. One of us just returned from a mission in Madrid. The other is a teacher residing in Cairo, Egypt. Between the two of us, we have lived in Salt Lake City; New York City; Washington, D.C.; Madrid; and Cairo. Except in Salt Lake, we have used the metro (light-rail) systems in all these cities. The teacher used the Washington, D.C., metro to take her preschool class on field trips to the Smithsonian. It sure beats trying to find parking. While traveling in San Francisco, Boston and Amsterdam, we have used the metro (light-rail) systems.

Mr. Timmins poses an interesting question, "When will Salt Lake catch up with the rest of the world?" That is exactly what we would like to know. We are thrilled that light rail is coming to Salt Lake because, except for Los Angeles, light rail is very convenient and highly used around the world.

Seth T. Williams

South Jordan

Laurie Williams

Cairo, Egypt