Now it's Mike Wallace's turn to get upset.

Wallace, who has often angered the subjects of his stories on "60 Minutes," is challenging a movie based on the 1995 incident in which a segment on a tobacco industry whistle blower was scuttled by CBS management.The film portrays a show plagued by backroom politics and depicts Wallace and executive producer Don Hewitt as egomaniacs who cave in to corporate pressure, according to the Aug. 22 edition of TV Guide.

Lowell Bergman, a former "60 Minutes" producer who serves as a consultant to the film, says CBS killed his story because it feared a multibillion-dollar lawsuit. He went public about the incident and eventually the piece was aired.

Wallace, who is played by Christopher Plummer in the film, strongly objects to Hollywood's version of the story and says he was unfairly depicted as a prima donna who didn't fight to save the piece.



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