A woman whose daughter was switched for another shortly after birth met the child she believes is hers during the weekend, and the two toddlers played together.

Paula Johnson and the 3-year-old she has raised, Callie Johnson, were introduced to 3-year-old Rebecca Chittum at a gathering with Rebecca's family at an undisclosed site. Video of the meeting was aired on NBC's "Today" show Monday morning, showing Rebecca and Callie playing together in a pool, throwing horseshoes and sitting side by side on a lawn."I can't describe it. I tried not to cry. It was really hard," Johnson said in an interview on the show.

DNA tests revealed last month that Callie is not Johnson's biological daughter. Results of a DNA analysis of Rebecca's blood are expected later this week.

Callie and Rebecca were born at the University of Virginia Medical Center a few hours apart in June 1995. Hospital officials have said the switch must have been deliberate.