I am a 17-year-old senior in high school and am well aware of the political agenda held by many, if not all, of our friends of political status locally and in Washington. For the past six months or more, I have been bombarded by the media with the latest hearsay and opinions circulating the nation concerning President Clinton's current predicament. I have most recently had the occasion of hearing the highly arrogant justifications for the disgrace Clinton has drudged into our nation's capital. It has been said, and is highly supported, that the personal life and actions of our leaders should not become an issue to the American people.

As earlier stated, I am but a mere 17-year-old teenager living in the Salt Lake Valley. I currently have no input whatsoever in the local or national political circuit within our government, but I believe it to be inevitable that my status, and that of my peers, will soon change. We are the future generation so often spoken of in modern society.I solidly believe that the issues of education, gun control, violence and so many more topics are vitally important and must be taken head on. But, above all else, I think it is most important that the president of the United States must be an admirable role model for me and for my peers. I regard the position of president as being sacred now and forever. If Bill Clinton's personal standards shrivel in comparison with my own, I do not believe he holds a place in our (the people's) government.

I live in an extremely stable household with a father who has taken the time to teach me the values that I now faithfully honor. I think it a sad day in history when I can look no higher on the societal ladder for a role model worthy of my eyes.

Spencer J. McConkie

Salt Lake City