I would like to voice my support for James Cameron, director of the wonderful film, "Titanic." This movie is a wonderful film. I would also like to voice my opinion about editing the film. I believe editing the film is wrong.

Everyone involved would agree that there is an enormous difference between Hustler magazine and Michelangelo's David, or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In my opinion, the nude scenes in "Titanic" were far closer to the Sistine Chapel than to cheap pornography. Pornography is defined as matter expressly designed to arouse the viewer."Titanic" was not designed to arouse the viewer, rather it was designed to show the beauty of the human form and to show the trust that Rose showed to Jack. The nudity was done very tastefully and was not demeaning to the characters or the actors/actresses involved. I believe it only added to the rest of the movie. For this reason, I am completely against any editing of "Titanic."

As a piece of film, "Titanic" is wonderful. It is one of my very favorite movies.

When I heard about the attempts to edit the film, my first thought was that that is like taking scissors to a piece of artwork in the Louvre. A movie is just as much a piece of art as a sculpture or a painting, and I am very offended by the thought of someone showing an incomplete copy of such a beautiful film.

If you have a problem with certain scenes in a movie, here's a simple solution: don't go see it. If you have a respect for art and an appreciation of the human body, then please go see this wonderful film.

Carl Smith