Saturday's bomb in Omagh was the deadliest single attack in the history of Northern Ireland's conflict. Other major incidents include:

May 17, 1974: Three car bombs planted by a pro-British paramilitary group, the Ulster Volunteer Force, kill 35 civilians and injure more than 100 people in the Irish Republic cities of Dublin and Monaghan.Nov. 21, 1974: Irish Republican Army bombs kill 21 and injure 182 at two pubs in Birmingham, England.

Aug. 27, 1979: IRA bombs kill 18 British soldiers at War-renpoint in Northern Ireland. On same day, IRA agents kill Earl Mountbatten, the queen's cousin, and three others with a bomb on his yacht.

Dec. 6, 1982: An Irish National Liberation Army bomb at a bar at Ballykelly in Northern Ireland kills 17 people, including 11 soldiers.