For more than 20 years, brothers Hiroshi and Masao Fujishige refused multimillion dollar offers for their 56-acre farm that sits in the shadow of Disneyland.

The berry and vegetable farm was the happiest place on earth for the brothers who did what they loved - working the land.Now with Masao dead and 76-year-old Hiroshi in a coma, Hiroshi's children agreed to sell all but 3.5 acres of the family's land to Disney. The family won't give details but says the sale will be finalized soon.

"Once something like this gets out, it's going to be chaos," daughter Jane Fujishige said.

The land is among the most sought after in Orange County because it's near Disneyland, the city Convention Center and several high-rise hotels. Developers have estimated it's worth at up to $90 million.

Disneyland President Paul Pressler said there are no immediate plans for the farm.