Q. Can you tell me where we can get copies of the statements that are shown quickly at the end of each "Dharma & Greg" segment? - T.S., Dallas, Texas.

A. "Dharma & Greg" executive producer Chuck Lorre's vanity cards flash on the screen for just a second after each week's show. It flashes by so quickly the only way to read them is to videotape the show, then use the freeze frame. If you're a Web browser, you can find the messages documented on some of the Dharma & Greg fan sites. Among Lorre's words of wisdom: "I believe that there are actually several cures for the summertime blues."

Q. My husband and I have been enjoying reruns of "The Gong Show" on cable's Game Show Network. What ever happened to the host of the show, Chuck Barris? And when, and in what time slot, did the show originally air? - M.B., Las Vegas

A. "The Gong Show," created, produced and hosted by Barris, was on NBC from 1976-78. The show remained on the air in syndication through 1980, then was revived for a short while in 1988. Barris, who was also the force behind "The Dating Game" and "The Newlywed Game," is still going strong at the age of 69. He published his memoirs in 1994 (the book is titled "Game Show King: A Confession") and, last year, he had a small role in director Robert Downey Sr.'s big-screen comedy "Hugo Pool."

Q. I recently saw two films ("No Looking Back" and "The Brothers McMullen") by actor/director Edward Burns that I enjoyed very much. Has he made any other movies? - B.M., Granite Bay, Calif.

A. Check out last year's movie "She's the One," another of his takes on the Irish-American family theme. And Burns, you've no doubt heard, is starring in Steven Spielberg's smash hit World War II epic "Saving Private Ryan."

Q. I would like to know how Chris Noth's character, detective Mike Logan, on "Law & Order" exited the show. Is it possible that his character will return or have a spin-off series of his own? - J.R., Secane, Pa.

A. "Law & Order" producer Dick Wolf surprised everyone when he fired Chris Noth at the end of the 1994-95 season. Logan was last seen in an episode titled "Pride" in which he punched a political bigwig outside the courtroom. Viewers were left to assume Logan was either demoted or fired.

Three years later, Noth is resurrecting Logan in a "Law & Order" TV movie he helped develop called "Exile." He'll be joined by Dann Florek (another "Law & Order"), Dabney Coleman, Ice T and the show's current cast - Benjamin Bratt, Jerry Orbach, Sam Water-son and S. Epatha Merk-er-son. "Exile" will air on NBC in November. If it's a big hit, we may get more of Noth/Logan - if not in a series, then perhaps in a series of made-for-TV movies.

Q. I admire the late fashion designer Gianni Versace. Is there a made-for-television movie about him in the making? - F.C., Dallas, Texas

A. Menaham Golan, the low-budget action movie mogul, began filming "The Versace Murder" just two months after the designer was slain outside his Miami home in July 1997. So far, the movie, which stars Franco Nero, has been released only in Europe. And the movie has not yet been sold to any American television outlets.