The book of Revelation has the image of an atomic bomb cloud on its cover. A woman's figure adorns the front of the Song of Solomon.

This is the Bible packaged for the modern age.Canongate Books, a small publishing house based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is putting out 12 biblical books as separate, pocket-size editions, complete with introductions by leading authors, including Doris Lessing, Fay Weldon and A.N. Wilson.

The company is aiming for a new generation of secular and religious readers, many of whom may never have read any of the Scriptures.

"I think they will be for all sorts of people," said editor Claire Paterson. "A lot of people will read the separate books for the very first time."

The company has chosen the King James version of the Bible, first published in 1611 "during an extraordinary flowering of English literature," Paterson said.

The biblical books chosen include the four Gospels, Genesis, Exodus and Proverbs.

They go on sale this fall in Britain for $1.65 each. Publisher Grove-Atlantic Inc. has a licensing deal to distribute the first series in the United States next spring.