Five little girls who died a week ago in a trunk may be remembered forever if approval is granted to rename the street in front of the place they died "Angel Street."

Ilene Daniels, a neighbor and friend of the families, said the idea for the street name change came to her in a quiet moment Wednesday night when she was reflecting on the tragedy.Thursday morning she called her daughter who works for the city, and the proposal will soon go before the Planning Commission and City Council.

"Everyone has commented on the fact that the five little girls were little angels," Daniels said. "This is by far the most heartbreaking tragedy our neighborhood has had."

If the plan is approved, Angel Street will be the new commemorative name of the section of 5200 West from 3500 to 4100 South. The street runs directly in front of the home of Dixie Smith, mother of two of the deceased little girls.

Smith was tending the girls when they climbed into the trunk of her Saturn sedan and were later found dead from heat stroke. The tragedy was declared an accident by police.

The West Valley City Council will also considering waiving the $100 fee that is usually charged when a name change is proosed. To do this, the council would make itself the applicant.

Steve Lehman, the city's subdivision coordinator, said Angel Street will most likely be a commemorative name, meaning residents will not have to change their addresses. The new name will simply appear beneath the coordinates on the street sign.

Lehman predicts it won't be hard to get approval from the Planning Commission and City Council, possibly as early as September.

If the city doesn't choose to waive the fee, Daniels said she would have no problem going around the neighborhood and collecting the fee.

"I'm just one of many in the community who have had a hard time shaking the feelings caused by the girls' deaths," Daniels said.