Welcome to the Avenues 'hood. Oh yes, baby. We (two good little white girls), found a phat flat where we could chill with our home boys and rap about, oh, um food. Yes, food.

OK, OK. We're supposed to be about nightlife, right? Clubs, bands, yadda yadda yadda . . . so what the heck are we doing talking about another food joint? Weren't Hooters and Hard Rock enough? Well, here's the connection: Wrappers (at Fourth Avenue and E Street), Salt Lake's newest combo health food-coffee bar-social club, is the perfect place for jivin' after all your nightlife endeavors.Open until 2 a.m. on weekends, Wrappers offers the Village Inn/

Taco Bell alternative for hip happenin' Salt Lakers.

Not only is Wrappers open late nights, it opens at 6 a.m. weekdays for all you responsible breakfast-eating adults. Serving healthy yet paradoxically yummy grub, this place has something for everyone. The prices are extremely reasonable and the help is very agreeable.

J: Ninety-nine percent of the American public polled agrees that Wrappers kicks butt over Magellan's. OK. One of my friends said that and I happen to agree with her - but I believe that we are truly representative of the American public as a whole. So take my stats at face value. OK? Please?

L: Yes, it's true. Wrappers worked for us. Let it change your life, too.

J: Yes. We have become Wrappers junkies. We know all of the management, the employee exit and even where they hide their special little . . .

L: NO! NO! NO! We've said too much. (IXNAY ON THE ALKING-TAY.)

J: Oh yeah. I guess we shouldn't give away the secret to their coffee, a blend from Jackson Hole that is exclusive to Wrappers. It has, like, the total most incredible buzz. It's like . . . whoa . . . yeah.

L: Hmmm. That's good, Jess, real slick. Make us look like crazed addicts.

Besides accommodating hours and, well, 27 different kinds of righteous coffee, Wrappers has live music. Which is why we went there in the first place.

Due to the more intimate setting, smaller acts and solo artists perform on the weekends. But, in this town, anyone can be a star. On Thursday evenings all types of artists are welcome to participate in "Tuscadero," a forum of creative expression. Beginning at 7:30 p.m., all walks of life are welcome to strut their stuff and possibly become the next Shirley Temple or even Little Richard.

You may think that is all there is to say about the multi-faceted Wrappers. Oh, no. It's a gallery, too. Right now, local artist David Montanaro's work adorns the walls, and it's pretty cool. And for those who like peace and quiet as well as a trippy buzz, a study room is opening just in time for the U.'s first-ever fall semester. Oh, yeah.

The only thing we really want to do for them is give them some new ideas for their wraps. Let's see. You could have a diet wrap and name it the "BIGGIE SMALL," or a two for one special, the "2 Pack Shakur." And to drink, the Vanilla Ice latte. We're pretty sure these rappers would have appreciated these wraps. Hey, we give it a two thumbs up.