OK. I acknowledge that the best time to work on the freeway is at night when less people are supposed to be on the road. However, I would like to know what genius decided to close four consecutive exits on Saturday, Aug. 8, at 11 p.m. It was nearly impossible to get off the freeway going southbound. The eastbound exit to I-215 was closed, as well as the 7200 South exit, the 9000 South exit and the 10600 South exit. Imagine living near 7200 South and having to go to 12300 South just to get off the freeway.

We live at 6400 South, and when we realized we could not get to the State Street exit at I-215, we thought we would get off at 9000 South. The only notice that the 9000 South exit was closed was a small orange sign stating, "Ramp Closed Ahead." With that exit being closed, we realized the next option would be 12300 South. When we approached that exit, we saw that there were already cars backed up almost to 10600 South. Rather than wait in that line, we went all the way to the Bluffdale exit and got back on the freeway going north.As we passed the 12300 area again, we laughed when we saw that there was literally a milelong wait to use that southbound exit. We finally were able to get off at 7200 South, where we observed five "workers" at that intersection watching one person do something down in a hole in the ground. All in all it took over 40 minutes to go from the I-15/I-215 junction to the Point of the Mountain and back again just to get home.

Sure, it will be nice to have a great freeway system when it is completed. However, let's hope that before then someone in charge recognizes there are still people who live here who would like to have at least one convenient way to get home after 10 at night.

Stephen and Betsy Taylor