Regardless of how the gay advocates attempt to twist the facts (referring to Kathy J. Worthington's comments, Aug. 1), homosexuals enjoy the same civil liberties that the Constitution and Bill of Rights provide for all U.S. citizens.

Kathy seems to confuse rights with acceptance. No matter how angry gay advocates become as they demand legalization for gay marriage, they only display a selfish contempt for the sanctity and importance of marriage vows and covenants. Granting to gays a legal marriage (if in fact this is the civil right Kathy envisions) reduces marriage to no more than a legal partnership for the purpose of dispersing property for inheritance. Same sex marriage certainly cannot fulfill the goal of society that there will be a next generation.Kathy ends her thoughts by talking about "1990s kids."

The gay advocates are so concerned about the gay coming out process of kids. A July 1993 Washington Post article talked about teenagers questioning their sexuality because a bisexual or homosexual orientation has "become cool." In interviews with over 50 teens, school counselors and parents, the Post reported many felt the newest fad was due to the constant publicity from promoters of a gay lifestyle, i.e. gay advocates or extremist social/political entities.

As the gay advocates attempt to fan the flames, yelling discrimination and homophobia, I suggest they review the Constitution, and they will educate themselves to the realization that a society is under no obligation to accept homosexual practices as normal productive behavior, but that does not in any way impugn their civil rights as citizens.

Les W. Larsen

Salt Lake City