As they say on Wall Street, timing is everything.

The exchange rate between U.S. and Canada strongly favors Americans. At press time, the exchange rate was 1.52. That means that for every U.S. dollar, you get $1.52 in Canadian dollars.It's the best exchange rate in recent history, according to Helene Bouchard, of Tourism New Brunswick. In her memory, "It's never been that you (Americans) got $1.50."

You might be surprised at how far your money goes.

Take hotels in New Brunswick. In Canadian dollars, room rates range from $60 for a budget motel to $200. In U.S. dollars, that translates to $40 to $133.

A room at the high-end Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews, for example, would cost Utahns from $120 to $133. The range in Canadian dollars is $179 to $199. A room at the mid-range Beauxsejour would cost Utahns about $66. Its rate in Canadian dollars is $100.