The FBI soon should resolve a lingering question about the bullet that killed John F. Kennedy.

An FBI crime lab will try to identify a thread-like material found on a fragment of the bullet in one of the Assassination Review Board's last moves to shed light on the events of Nov. 22, 1963.Officials from the National Archives, which has custody of all evidence from the assassination and announced the new testing this week, said the material's relevance to investigations of the assassination was unknown. The examination is aimed at clearing up a discrepancy left over from a previous inquiry.

The Firearms Examination Panel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1979 recommended testing the material found on the nose of the bullet in the panel's initial typed report. That recommendation was omitted from the committee's final printed report, and the Review Board says it was unable to determine the cause of that omission.

The FBI most likely will test the material next month at its Washington laboratory, Archives official Steven Tilley said.