Brigham Young University sociology professor John Seggar takes his students for a ride on the service highway every term.

Every semester, he has his Sociology 358 class pick a service project to help someone in the community."When students leave BYU and go wherever they go, by virtue of the fact that they've been at BYU, they are expected to do a whole lot of things in their community," Seggar said.

"When these kids leave my class, they know what it's like to go through the process of organization," he said. "They know the thrill and excitement of completing it."

Students in Seggar's class spend the first week or two picking a project, organizing their efforts and getting the wheels rolling.

This term, students are collecting shoes and clothes for Lakota Sioux schoolchildren on a reservation in North Dakota. Yvonne Heyoka, one of Seggar's students, grew up on that reservation and proposed the project.

"When the class asked me what they could do to help my reservation, I told them one of the things they really need is shoes and clothes for schoolchildren," Heyoka says. "I have seen cases where little kids go to school with cracked tennis shoes. It just breaks my heart."

Seggar's students have told their other classes about the project. They, in turn, have spread the word throughout the campus community. Several area LDS Church wards are now helping the cause.

"It's just a matter of finding someone who plugs in through another organization," Seggar said. "That's the key."