Thirsty duffers can buy an alcoholic beverage at the 19th hole of the recently opened Shadow Mountain Golf Club.

But will their choice of drinks eventually include whiskey, scotch and vodka - or simply a can of beer?For now, the answer isn't quite clear.

The Draper City Council approved the club's request for a beer license several weeks ago. But there's apparently some question if the city's action grants the club local consent to serve all types of liquor, or only beer.

"That's a condition that is being evaluated by our legal counsel," Mayor Richard Alsop said.

Alsop said part of that evaluation is determining if some sort of due process, perhaps in the form of a public hearing, is needed for the hard liquor provision.

Either way, the issue is being closely watched by several Draper residents who oppose hard drinks being served at the golf course at 1500 E. 13800 South.

At this point, South Mountain Golf Club serves only beer at the clubhouse. But course officials want to begin serving hard liquor to patrons ordering some sort of food item.

"We are not a bar, we're not into that," said South Mountain Golf Club spokesman Rob Kohlhaas. He said the club is simply responding to the requests of its clientele.

To get the liquor license it is seeking, the club first needs approval of the Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. The commission won't entertain any application without local government consent.

While the mayor said the liquor issue is currently under review by city lawyers, Kohlhaas believes the club already has local consent from Draper and that the matter is in the state's hands.

The club also hopes to sell beer from the mobile refreshment truck that roams the course.

Extending South Mountain's beer license to include mobile sales from the refreshment truck is on next Tuesday's council agenda. The liquor issue is not, Alsop said.

Some folks living near the golf course say they'll battle any upgraded or extended license.

Draper resident Scott Howell helped organize a petition drive opposing the club's plans to serve hard liquor and operate the mobile beer truck. About 500 people have signed, he said.