On a recent Saturday about 6:30 p.m. a handicapped woman, trying to push a two-wheeled shopping cart, was attempting to cross the busy intersection at 400 South and 500 East. She would attempt to cross but would only make it across the first lane before the light changed. Cars slowed down, some honked their horns, but most just angrily swerved around her. She would retreat and was standing in the middle of the right lane.

I was in the left-turn lane, and by the time I got into the parking lot at the Fred Meyer store and headed back to see if I could help her, someone had stopped and was helping her. I contemplated how I could have helped faster or if was even willing to risk my safety to go back and actually help when I spotted two women - one was the handicapped woman, seated in a riding shopping cart, and the other was helping her.I asked if she had stopped and helped her and she nodded. She was laughing with the woman, and they were filling the cart. I asked if she knew the woman and she said that she didn't but that she could not drive past her and leave her there. I thanked her in my behalf, and as I completed my shopping, encountered the two several times. This woman told me her name was "Tina," and I want to pay public tribute to her - she not only stopped and helped the woman, she gave up a considerable amount of her time and energy to help the woman shop and, no doubt, took her safely home.

This world needs more "Tinas" who are willing to give of themselves and show love to others. I will go through the next few days feeling better that I know there are those out there who are good and willing to share their goodness.

Beth Brown

Salt Lake City