Today, I lost a friend and colleague at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Prabhi Kavaler. We became friends while we worked together at the U.S. Embassy in Paris several years ago. She was a bright, exceptionally competent diplomat as well as a wife and mother. Like so many Foreign Service Officers who staff our embassies overseas, she was totally dedicated to the service of her country and, along with her husband who is also a FSO, she willingly confronted the all-too-real dangers associated with her career.

Americans often overlook the 3,400 dedicated men and women who make up the Foreign Service Officers corps; however, theirs is a tradition of service under exceptionally difficult and dangerous conditions throughout the world. America is a stronger nation because of them and because of their families who accompany them throughout their careers, often at risk to their own lives.Prabhi, we will miss you and your colleagues who died with you, and we will always appreciate your service and sacrifice for your country.

Ronald W. Mortensen

Foreign Service Officer (retired)