In a strongly worded statement, Buckingham Palace Wednesday dismissed a new book about Princess Diana's death as fantasy and called it "deeply hurtful" to the royal family.

In "The Day Diana Died," author Christopher Andersen alleges that within an hour of hearing the princess had been killed in a Paris car crash Aug. 31, Queen Elizabeth II inquired about whether she had any royal jewels with her and whether they were safe.The claim is "completely inaccurate and without any foundation whatsoever," said a palace spokeswoman.

The book, published this week in the United States, also said the queen tried to stop Prince Charles from flying to France to claim his ex-wife's body.

On the contrary, the palace spokeswoman said, the queen suggested her son use a Royal Squadron aircraft, as befitting the task of bringing the princess's body back.

"The allegations are deeply hurtful to the royal family especially coming as they do near to the first anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales," the spokeswoman said.

The claims are "complete fantasy" and the palace is "treating this book with the contempt it deserves," she said.

Andersen says the book was based on interviews with palace sources, hospital workers and staff at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.