Solving most of a Draper neighborhood's flooding problem has homeowners hopeful, but uneasiness lingers.

City workers had replaced a section of a subsurface drainage pipe near Golden Pheasant Drive (12970 South and about 600 East) when tests revealed it had collapsed.The city began examining the area's drainage system where almost a dozen homes on the south side of Golden Pheasant have had their basements flooded - forcing home-owners to bail out water while pleading to the city for help.

Following an emergency meeting of the Draper City Council two weeks ago, the city decided to test the subsurface drainage lines to determine why the homes in the pricey neighborhood were suddenly taking in water.

City workers identified and replaced the collapsed line, "but that hasn't stopped the problem entirely," said acting city manager Paul Glauser.

A pump attached to the line is still removing several dozen gallons of water a minute, said homeowner DeAnna Tucker, whose house first flooded in March.

"You want to believe the problem is over, but the pump is still operating," Tucker said.

Everyone hopes a soils engineer to be hired by the city will help identify the water source.

Glauser said the area has a history of high groundwater levels from when it was used as farmland. Still, it's curious that flooding is happening for the first time this year in the 4-year-old housing development.

"It may be that we've just had a wet year," Glauser said.

The water trouble has had its rewards, say Golden Pheasant residents. Neighbors have volunteered several hours mopping-up each others homes and city leaders have offered financial and staff assistance in replacing the damaged line.

A local gas company has also donated fuel to operate the pump.