In a letter by Norval Turner on Aug. 4, Turner says he "can only feel sorry for those who must decide the infant's fate" (if a woman is choosing to have an abortion) and he's thankful he's "not a doctor." I think Mr. Turner is really saying that he's thankful he's not a woman. This is not an easy decision, and a woman is perfectly capable of deciding what is best for her, without Mr. Turner's help, and definitely without Congressman Cook's help.

What to do about an unintended pregnancy is a personal decision, and I am sick and tired of men thinking they need to make decisions for me.Turner says "if it's simply an unwanted pregnancy..." - there is nothing simple about a pregnancy, wanted or unwanted, and I resent his implications. Does this mean that an unwanted pregnancy is simple to figure out if it's the result of anything besides a rape? I disagree. No woman takes the decision of abortion, adoption or parenting lightly. These are all very serious, life-changing decisions, and only the woman and those close to her know which option is best for her. Chances are this is not her congressman. An unwanted pregnancy is not simple whether it's the result of rape, incest or failed birth control. How dare Mr. Turner declare that figuring out what to do with an unplanned pregnancy is simple.

Carolynn Bottino