Alta View Hospital-

BEATTIE, Carolyn and Matt, Midvale, girl, Aug. 9.

LAMBSON, Annette and Melvin, West Jordan, boy, Aug. 10.

LATIMER, Aimee and James, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 9.

WILKENS, Brandy, and MOFFAT, Kelly, Sandy, girl, Aug. 9.

American Fork Hospital-

ANDREASON, Ruth and Wayne, Provo, girl, July 17.

ATKINSON, Jodi and Brian, American Fork, girl, July 15.

BANGERTER, JaLayne and Glenn, American Fork, boy, July 18.

BUCHERT, Rebecca and Martin, Provo, girl, July 16.

DAHL, Pamela and Kevin, Pleasant Grove, girl, July 17.

FARMER, Michelle and Eric, Mona, boy, July 20.

FRAUGHTON, Diane and Kurt, American Fork, boy, July 20.

HARLEY, Donna and Kevin, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 20.

HIBL, Dawn and Robert, Park City, girl, Jult 18.

MASON, Melanie and Mark, Provo, boy, July 19.

McCLEARY, Raelynn and Matthew, Riverton, girl, July 20.

MORGAN, Shaundalee and Roger, Provo, boy, July 15.

NELSON, Kimberly and Dennis, Orem, boy, July 18.

ROBERTS, Emily and Stephen, Orem, girl, July 18.

SCHOUTEN, Jodi and Gregory, Orem, boy, July 16.

SMITH, Sung Hee and Robert, Orem, girl, July 15.

STAKER, Donna and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, July 16.

STERRETT. Rebecca and Brett, Provo, girl, July 20.

THOMSON, Amy and Michael, Orem, boy, July 15.

TOMLINSON, Nicole and David, Lindon, girl, July 20.

TORGERSEN, Danielle and Ronald, Lindon, girl, July 14.

TRENT, Kimberly and Jimmy, Lindon, boy, July 15.

TREXLER, Marti and Dale, Lehi, girl, July 18.

WADE, Katy and William, Provo, boy, July 16.

WAMBOLDT. Julia and Todd, Provo, girl, July 17.

Comumbia Mountain View Hospital-

ADAMS, Belinda and Brian, Springville, boy, July 31.

ALLINSON, Margaret and Randy, Goshen, boy, July 29.

BILLS, Carla and Wesley, Nephi, girl, July 27,

BURROWS, Kristine and Brock, Price, boy, July 30.

COOK, Kristen and Chris, Payson, boy, July 30.

DEGRAW, Angela and Dennis, Payson, girl, July 29.

ELQUIST, Loralyn and Mike, Spanish Fork, girl, July 27.

HALL, MaeVonna and Marlin, Payson, girl, July 26.

HOLMES, Stacey and Phillip, Spanish Fork, boy, July 27.

JONES, April and Ryan, Payson, boy, July 20.

LANCE, Dorothy and Richard, Payson, boy, July 31.

LARSON, Kristine and Michael, American Fork, girl, July 28.

LEE, Jenifer and Brysen, Spanish Fork, girl, Aug. 1.

LONGMORE, Janet and Galde, Castle Dale, boy, July 29.

MANLEY, Susan and Todd, Provo, boy, July 30.

McKELL, Rashel and Robert, Spanish Fork, boy, July 29.

MICKELSON, Vanessa and Alan, Springville, girl, July 31.

MONTANDON, Kimberly and Brent, Provo, girl, July 30.

MORGAN, Leah and Christopher, Santaquin, girl, July 31.

PETRONE, Kamarie and Frank, Orem, girl, July 29.

REED, Marilyn and Chad, Manila, Utah County, boy, July 26.

STOTT, Deanna and Mitchell, Spanish Fork, girl, July 28.

WOLLEY, Stacie and Jeff, Riverton, boy, July 26.

Columbia Ogden

Regional Medical Center-

ANDERSEN, Shawna and Michael, Garland, girl, July 16.

BRABEC, Kathy and Bill, Rigby, boy, July 19.

CASH, Amy and Joel, West Weber, girl, July 16.

CRAGUN, Angela and Troy, Layton, girl, July 17.

DABB, Shelley and Colby, Syracuse, boy, July 18.

FELTER, Carly and Chad, Clinton, girl, July 19.

FLITTON, Cynthia and Brandon, Layton, boy, July 18.

HEPWORTH, Allison and Richard, Bountiful, twin girls, July 16.

HUERTA, Veronica and Julio, Ogden, boy, July 16.

JOHNSON, Michelle and Michael, Roy, boy, July 18.

KITE, Michelle and David, Hooper, boy, July 17.

LAMB, Amy and Warren, Roy, boy, July 17.

LAMON, Tara and Michael, Roy, boy, July 19.

LEWIS, Sheila and Brett, Eden, girl, July 18.

LOGHRY, Michelle and Ronald, Ogden, girl, July 17.