If two boys are convicted of killing four fellow students and a teacher, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he's willing to build a jail to hold them until they are 21.

The boys face a juvenile hearing Tuesday at which they will be found either innocent or guilty of being delinquent. If guilty, they can be jailed until age 21 under Arkansas law - but the state has no facility to hold them past 18.Speaking in Jonesboro on Saturday, Huckabee said he would build a new facility or modify an existing one so they can serve full sen-tences.

Tuesday's hearing for Andrew Golden, 12, and Mitchell Johnson, 13, is the equivalent of an adult trial. Craighead County Circuit-Chancery Judge Ralph Wilson Jr., who will rule on the boys' fate from the bench, has taken the unusual step of opening the proceeding to the public. Court officials have set aside up to four days for the hearing.

Under Arkansas law, they cannot be tried as adults because they were younger than 14 when the shootings occurred. Tuesday is Johnson's 14th birthday.