For the past two years, the Seattle-based, nonprofit National UFO Reporting Center has accepted hundreds of UFO sighting reports via the Internet.

At least a half-dozen of the more than 400 entries involve observations made in Utah, including two that mention unidentified craft shining beams of light onto the ground.Below is a brief summary of those reports. All but one were submitted this year, although the dates the sightings occurred span three decades. The full text of these and other reports are available on the UFO Reporting Center's Web site, (

- Flying triangle - A river guide and companions, traveling south on U-261 near the San Juan River in June 1982, observed three triangle-shaped UFOs. The closest object was shining a light beam onto the highway. "As the UFO came close, we flashed the lights of our car and they shut their front lights off," the submitter wrote. The object then flew over the vehicle, revealing eight lights in an oval shape underneath the craft.

- Unidentified flying cloud - Someone driving south near Provo in 1972 reported seeing a small, bright cloud that suddenly turned into a "silver saucer" and shot across the desert. The submitter took pictures and still has "one picture with a fuzzy saucer in it."

- Kennecott orbs - While driving to work about midnight in July '93, a Tooele resident spotted "four intense, glowing green stoplight type orbs" hovering about 1,000 feet above Kennecott Copper Mine. After more than a minute, the orbs "flew northward at an extreme speed," according to the entry.

- Moab UFO - In January of last year near Moab, a bright object was seen to emit "triangular yellow-green light, modulating from flood to spot beam" before appearing to dissolve "into a cloud of its own light."

- Moving star - A "former assistant chief" reported that in January of last year several witnesses, including two members of the Hansen Planetarium's astronomical society, saw a "moving star, similar to a satellite," stop, hover and "dart around" for more than three hours above Alta. Planetarium personnel "weren't aware of any satellites that can behave like that," the submitter wrote.

- Green streaks - A 15-year-old from Huntington, Emery County, reported seeing a green light streak across the night sky two times over a five-minute period in May of '97.