The Utah County Health Department is inviting the public to watch as 75 unsafe child car seats will be crushed by Burbidge Disposal.

The event will be at 2:30 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 11 at the University Mall parking lot near the intersection of State Street and University Parkway.The car seats have been collected since July 1 as part of the Health Department's Bounty Program. Parents who turn in used child seats on or before Aug. 10 receive a dozen bagels from Einstein Bros. and a 10 percent infant furniture discount at Kmart.

The Bounty Program was designed to alert parents and care givers that some child car seats are no longer considered safe. Unsafe seats will be destroyed so they will not be given as hand-me-downs, or purchased from second hand stores and garage sales.

Seats that are no longer considered safe include:

- Seats manufactured six or more years ago.

- Seats occupied during a motor vehicle crash.

- Seats with damaged or missing parts (including date/model labels).

- Recalled seats where destruction is recommended.

- Seats with an unknown history.

Only 1 seat of the 75 collected has been deemed safe and reusable, according to the Health Department. Car seats may be checked free at the health department. For an appointment call 370-8796.