Ben Lomond's `BL' rearranged into Nazi symbolFor the second straight year, the stones forming Ben Lomond High School's "BL" landmark on the Wasatch foothills have been rearranged to create a swastika.

Principal Mozelle Prestridge said she has received numerous complaints about the vandalism. But she believed there was nothing the school could do about it since the symbol is located on county property, on the hillside just north of Ogden Canyon."I'm embarrassed, I'm appalled," Prestridge said. "I drive up here and see it on my way to work, and I'm like, `Oh my gosh - that's just gross.' "

Prestridge thought her hands were tied. But Weber County Commissioner Glen Burton determined last month that the landmark should be maintained by the school district.

Prestridge also believed that homeowners living near the initials at the top of Ninth Street would not allow Ben Lomond students to cross their property to maintain the landmark.

But the homeowners next to the landmark said the school should take care of it.

"If they give us notice, it's all right if they go up there to fix it up," homeowners John and Fran Rahkonen said, "But just for that, and not for parties."

Now, student body officers plan to restore the landmark to its original lettering.

"It's kind of disappointing that it looks like that, but I'm excited that we can fix it up now," student body president Sharon Wood said. "We want to fix it up to look like a `BL' again. It represents the school, and not something else."