Prince Charles has summoned the former nanny of his two sons to explain why Prince Harry was allowed to scale a dam headfirst without a helmet or other safety equipment, a newspaper reported Monday.

The Daily Mail reported that Prince Charles was "livid" after seeing a photograph in the News of the World tabloid that showed the 13-year-old prince being eased down the incline of a 160-foot dam without a helmet, mountaineering boots or backup safety rope."He has lost track of the times he has made clear that William and Harry can't do whatever they want to do because they are not ordinary children," the Mail said.

The prince was with his former nanny, Tiggy Legg-Bourke, and his brother, 16-year-old Prince William, whom the tabloid reported also had descended the wall.

Press reports said the incident happened a week ago when the three were visiting Legge-Bourke's parents in Wales.

"People who endangered royal lives used to be hauled off to the Tower of London, via Traitor's Gate, pending a short walk to the executioner's block. Let's see some heads roll again," the Mirror said.