The wide streets between South Temple and 900 South and from 300 West to 900 East present an ideal situation for a fast-flowing east/west traffic grid for greater downtown Salt Lake City.

We have experienced the advantages of free flow on 500 and 600 South for years with the freeway entrance and exit. Why? Because there is no need for left turn sequences going east or west.Carry this situation through to include 100, 300, and 700 South streets as one-way west; and 200 and 800 South streets as one-way east.

Leave 400 South as a two-way street with the light rail lines in the center of the street. Do not allow left turns from 400 South, either east or west. Furthermore, do not allow left turns along any of the light rail lines, particularly in the downtown area, except for the trains and cross street traffic.

Eliminate the time-consuming left turn sequences for the few desiring to make the left turns and eliminate the dangerous accident-prone situations for autos and pedestrians.

Much red-light running is at left turn sequences; meanwhile, other traffic is at a standstill.

In summary, wide one-way streets promote free-flowing, synchronized traffic because left turn sequences are not necessary. Businesses along 400 South can be accessed easily and safety by circling a block or traveling another east or west street until the desired block is reached, then crossing 400 South or turning left onto 400 South.

It is far better and safer to inconvenience a few rather than hold up the majority attempting to enter or exit downtown Salt Lake.

Glenn M. Jensen

Salt Lake City