Neighbors of the five girls found dead in the trunk of a car in this middle-class West Valley neighborhood were silent as they lined the street watching police officers clear the scene.

There simply was nothing to say."We're just in shock," said one neighbor, shaking her head while surveying the scene from her porch across the street.

Another neighbor, Jolene McKenzie, just kept shaking her head and saying, "It's awful. It's awful."

The neighborhood was so quiet that the heart-wrenching cries of the grieving families could be heard from up the street.

Cecelia Deluca, a neighbor who lives across from the devastated family, said she heard the wails but "never could have imagined what happened."

The family is feeling every emotion from anger to disbelief, one relative said.

"I just saw the kids run back and forth in here, just having fun," said one man, motioning to the front lawn and gravel driveway of the home where the children were discovered. "It's unbelievable."

Lt. Charles Illsley of the West Valley Police Department said everyone involved couldn't help but be shaken up over the incident. The officer who discovered the bodies couldn't even talk to the dispatcher and had to be taken immediately back to the police station.

"Any officer who opened a trunk like that would be devastated," Illsley said.

"This goes beyond the routine death investigation. We're looking at the deaths of five young children. You can hear it in the voices of the reporters who have called from across the country," Illsley said.

One onlooker, clutching her own daughter in her arms, just shook her head. "I'd hate to be her," she said of the mother.

The mother who reported the girls missing babysat frequently and was constantly checking on the kids in the swimming pool, another tearful neighbor, Jean McMichael, said.

McMichael, who has four children of her own, said, "It is so amazing. It can happen so easily. You turn your back on your kids for just a second and they're gone."