Jeremye, 10, born on Jan. 5, 1988, is an engaging young man who enjoys sports, especially bowling. Jeremye gets along well with adults and his peers, although sometimes he needs to take a break from other children. Jeremye has come a long way in dealing with his past and has one goal: He wants to be adopted.

Jeremye is in a day-treatment program where he does very well academically. In the past, Jeremye has been disruptive in the classroom, but he does very well when he gets positive feedback. Next year, he will be moving to a self-contained classroom. He is a bright child who is very capable of doing well.Jeremye has been in several placements since the fall of 1993 and is doing well in his current therapeutic foster family. He has bonded well with his family and has a desire to be adopted so he is expected to do well in an adoptive home. Jeremye has completed therapy and has learned skills to help him cope with the severe abuse from his past. He is currently in individual therapy.

Jeremye needs a family that can provide him with the attention and positive feedback that he needs. He does well in a home that is nurturing and structured. He has two siblings whom he wants to stay in contact with. Financial assistance for medical care, therapy, adoption and travel is available.