LISBON, Portugal - Talks to shore up a cease-fire between Guinea-Bissau's government and a rebel military faction began Saturday on a Portuguese frigate moored off the tiny West African nation's coast, news reports said.


LIMA - Peru's president met with his top generals on Saturday to find a way to defuse mounting border tensions, after Peru charged that Ecuadorean troops had infiltrated its territory.


DUBLIN - U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Saturday began a weeklong survey of the Northern Ireland peace process, Ireland's economic success - and his own Irish roots.


MEXICO CITY - Tropical storm Frank edged toward Baja California on Saturday, and warnings were in effect through most of the peninsula's west coast as a precaution against flooding.

MEXICO CITY - A women's rights activist was found stripped of her belongings and suffocated with a plastic bag after leaving a Mexico City conference in a taxi, police said.

TIJUANA - A Mexican judge has issued arrest warrants for seven San Diego gang members in connection with the attempted assassination of a Tijuana publisher whose magazine has written extensively on the drug trade.


NEW DELHI - Indian and Pakistani soldiers resumed firing mortar shells across their disputed frontier Saturday, killing or wounding at least nine soldiers on both sides, local news agencies reported.


KUALA LUMPUR - Grocery stores sold out of milk and instant noodles and people left work early to lock themselves in their homes amid rumors of riots in Malaysia's capital. But the gangs of marauders never materialized.


BELGRADE - A war crimes suspect, Slobodan Miljkovic, who was wanted by the U.N. tribunal for atrocities committed during the Bosnian war died in a bar brawl in Serbia, police said Saturday.


GISENYI - Attacks by Hutu rebels and counterattacks by the army have killed more than 55 people in northwestern Rwanda, the Rwanda News Agency reported Saturday.


JAKARTA - Pressure from Muslim groups forced Indonesia to scrap a plan to use a lottery to fund its National Sports Council, the Jakarta Post reported Saturday.


BRASILIA - The chief suspect in a string of murders of women in Brazil confessed he is the serial killer hunted for months by police, his lawyer said Saturday.

RIO DE JANEIRO - The government has given companies extensions of up to five years to come into compliance with a strict new environmental law, a newspaper reported Saturday.


HELSINKI - A tiny Finnish right-wing group said on Saturday it would constitute itself as a political party on Sunday in the presence of a German World War II fighter pilot and guests from Belgium's far-right Vlaams Blok.


BONN - Under pressure from Jewish leaders and U.S. lawmakers, Germany on Saturday announced a $111 million restitution fund for Nazi victims who were never directly compensated because they lived in communist countries after World War II.