The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced plans to build six additional temples: one in the Ukraine, two in Mexico, one in Australia and two in Canada.

They will be located in Kiev, Ukraine; Hermosillo and Tampico, Mexico; Brisbane, Australia; Regina, Saskatchewan; and Montreal, Quebec.During a just-completed nine-day tour of Canada, President Gordon B. Hinckley announced plans for the temples in Saskatchewan and in Quebec. He met with members and missionaries in 12 cities and six provinces, the largest Canadian tour by an LDS Church president in history.

The 88-year-old church leader returned to Salt Lake City Saturday..

New temples were recently dedicated in Preston, England, and Monticello, Utah, the latter being the first of the smaller temples to be completed.

President Hinckley announced plans last April for a series of smaller temples.

Temples are used exclusively by faithful church members for marriages, baptisms and other sacred ordinances focusing on the potential for eternal family relationships. The church now has 53 operating temples around the world.