Fulfilling one of man's oldest dreams to walk on water, a 39-year-old Frenchman has managed to walk across the Atlantic Ocean, it was reported Saturday.

Rene Bricka, with polyester floats strapped to his feet, reached the Caribbean island of Trinidad after a 61-day, 3,540-mile transatlantic trek from a beach in Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands, newspaper reports said.A Japanese freighter picked him up about 45 miles off the coast of Trinidad Tuesday and took him to a hospital, the reports said.

Bricka used a double-bladed oar and towed a rubber raft to rest in during the journey and survived on vitamin pills, fish he caught and distilled water.

The Canary Island newspaper Diario de Avisos said Bricka lost 44 pounds, suffered extreme hunger and vision problems but that his condition was otherwise satisfactory.

Bricka, an entertainer, said he had spent three years preparing his Atlantic crossing.

"I am not crazy. I want to fulfil one of man's oldest dreams, which is to walk on water," he said before setting out April 1 from Tenerife's Los Cristianos beach despite a ban by Navy officials.

Bricka said he had crossed the English Channel and "walked" from Cannes on the French Mediterranean to the island of Corsica to test his floating shoes.