For the week of Aug. 9

Leaf scorch

Leaf scorch is a common malady in many different trees. It is most common on newly planted trees or on those with large leaves.

Maples, horse chestnuts, lindens and many other trees are affected by the problem. Anything that interferes with the movement of water to the top of the tree can cause scorch. Trees that are commonly damaged often have pavement along one side or around the trunks. This interferes with water uptake into the plants. Other problems, such as improper planting, girdling roots, twine or wires left around the trunks and overwatering that causes root rot, can also cause scorch.

Controlling corn earworm

If you are lucky enough have corn getting ripe you will want to keep the corn earworm from attacking the crop. An easy organic control is to apply a few drops of mineral oil to the silks.

Since the oil can interfere with pollination, wait until the silks start to turn brown before making the applications. Vegetable oils can also be used but they are less effective.

Stopping earwigs

Earwigs are a common problem in many gardens, although they are not as serious as many gardeners believe. They can do serious damage to certain crops. Keep the garden area free of debris and remove boards, rocks and other hiding places. One of the best tricks I know is to add a quarter-inch layer of bacon grease to the bottom of a shallow can. Bury the can so the top is even with the soil. The earwigs crawl into the can and die in the grease.

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