YANGON - Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has demanded the military government remove its security personnel from her home, but the government has refused, sources said.


CALCUTTA - A demonstration by 250,000 Indians to mark the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing signaled that initial euphoria over India's nuclear tests is waning amid heightened tensions with Pakistan.


YEREVAN - The nation's prosecutor general, Genrikh Khachatrian, was shot to death in his office, apparently by a fellow prosecutor who then committed suicide, a top law enforcement official said.


DAMASCUS - Archaeologists have uncovered a massive Byzantine mosaic in eastern Syria and a rock carved with what could be a figure of Jesus, the official Syrian News Agency said. The mosaic is believed to have been the floor of a church in Tartus, a town on Syria's Mediterranean coast 160 miles northwest of Damascus.


CATANIA - Mount Etna sent up fountains of lava from the volcano's mouth, returning to life after a two-week break.


MOSCOW - The government came down heavily on major tax debtors in the energy sector as the World Bank approved a quick $1.5 billion loan that is intended to help the financially troubled nation more quickly restructure its economy.


LUANDA - The nation's fragile peace process, which had looked increasingly threatened, took a step toward recovery when the Joint Commission that oversees the troubled procedure convened for a plenary session.


DUBLIN - Police said they suspected republicans opposed to Northern Ireland's peace process caused a blast on a hillside near the border overnight in which no one was believed to have been injured.


BONN - The Free Democrats, fighting to win re-election to parliament in September's general election, unveiled pro-business policies the party said could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.


ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, facing mounting public pressure over crippling international sanctions, has reshuffled his cabinet but most analysts said the move would have little effect on policy.


LHOKSEUMAWE - Armed forces chief Gen. Wiranto said Indonesia would end military operations in Aceh and remove its combat troops from the province amid accusations of army atrocities.


TEHRAN - A senior cleric urged the Iranian people to support President Mohammad Khatami's economic reform program, which he said was firmly grounded in the laws of Islam.


ATHENS - A huge forest blaze that killed a man, destroyed more than 100 homes and razed thousands of acres of woods near Athens subsided but other fires raged on across Greece, police said.

South Korea

SEOUL - Some of the worst rains and floods on record have killed at least 196 people and left 91 missing and feared dead, officials said.