Dale McFeatters needs to get his facts straight in his recent article on the Y2K problem ("So after all the shouts of `Y2K!' will Y2K get us?"). He lays the blame on the programmers, saying they were "taken by surprise by the future."

The truth is that programmers follow the priorities set by management. Those priorities have generally been, "Get the software out the door and don't worry about whether it will still work in five or 10 years." Furthermore, programmers have been warning management for many years about this problem. I have heard from a number of programmers who repeatedly brought up the issue, only to be told again and again, "We have more important things to do right now; we'll worry about that later." One programmer was even forbidden to make Y2K fixes in a software module he was working on.So put the blame where it belongs, on shortsighted management who wouldn't listen to their programmers.

Kevin S. Van Horn

American Fork