It looks like it may be time to bring our good Sen. Orrin Hatch home again. It is obvious from his recent work in the nation's capital that he is beginning to lose touch with his Utah values. This seems to happen to all of our elected representatives after being in the liberal homeland for a term or two.

A good example is his sponsorship of a new bill dealing with the tobacco industry. His version of a tobacco bill promises to be kinder to the tobacco companies by not bankrupting them and making it possible to profitably continue their business of distributing addictive poison. In reality, I believe most citizens of Utah would like to see the tobacco industry bankrupt and out of business.And then there is his questionable support of the nomination of an openly gay individual as a United States ambassador.

I also noticed that Hatch is re-sponsoring a bill for a constitutional amendment to protect the flag. As much as I love and respect our flag, the one thing we don't need is another unenforceable law and the inevitable bureaucracy that will be created. Surely there are more important things to work on in Washington.

None of these items sound like Utah values to me. I think he has been spending too much time hanging around his good friend, Teddy. Maybe it is time to move him back home to Utah and let some other Republican give it a try for a while. A retired Hatch could then devote more time to his new music career.

Lynn Sessions