I have heard much in this last election about moderates and extremists and much media gloating over the moderates' victory. This is what I have heard moderates declare: It's appropriate to take money from the national government, it's OK to violate the constitution as long as someone - Supreme Court, Congress, an executive order - says to do so, taking parents' money at the point of a gun is all right if it is for (other individuals') children, and the government owes us recreation, skill development and big pay increases for themselves.

Moderates follow the Constitution as long as it's convenient. This is socialism, which is tyranny. Socialism is a sect of atheism. This is mainstream America. We have been warned about the evil of being mainstream. We have been warned about supporting government monopoly, tax-supported schools, Franklin Roosevelt, old age assistance (Social Security), the Equal Rights Amendment, evolution, mothers seeking employment outside the home.The Samuel principle is operative as we rush headlong to be like our neighbors, to be mainstream, moderate. Our constant song is "We thank thee oh God, for a profit." Moderate sounds like lukewarm. Lukewarm sounds like not valiant. Sounds like something odious. Sounds like supporting secret combinations. Sounds like something I never want to be.

Daniel L. Cooper

Pleasant Grove