I've always been of the opinion that our laws make it too easy to just wipe away one's debts by declaring bankruptcy. Now that I am experiencing the injustice of bankruptcy, I know for sure it is unfair and wrong.

In October of 1996, we paid a $3,000 deposit to a company in Kaysville to install a vinyl fence. To make a long story short, the company did not perform. We took them to court and easily won judgment. After a year and a half of trying to collect our money, we thought we would finally get it when we were notified that the owner had been served the appropriate papers to hold a sheriff's sale.Unfortunately, before that could be done, he filed bankruptcy, So this very unethical, dishonest man has taken our money, spent it on who knows what and now gets to clear his debts.

I would encourage lawmakers to make some changes in the bankruptcy laws making it nearly impossible for people to wipe their debts clean. Make them take responsibility and pay back their debts, even if it takes years.

Cyndy McMullin