I am concerned about the upcoming $100 million bond initiative to bury existing power lines in unincorporated Salt Lake County. The County Commission believes it is necessary to bury existing lines to be "fair" to current homeowners who will not benefit from the mandate to bury all new power lines. However, to be "fair" to a few residents, the county is being unfair to many more.

This will be the second largest bond in county history. Since the burden would only fall on those in the unincorporated county, a large burden will be put on a relatively few residents. As more cities and towns incorporate, this will leave even fewer residents to pay this enormous debt. This is especially unfair to those in the unincorporated county whose lines are already buried and will never see any benefit from the new taxes.In order for the County Commission to be truly fair, a change needs to be made. Either those who will benefit need to pay, or the tax burden needs to be spread out over all county residents to pay for the common good. Anything else is an inequitable solution that needs to be voted down in November.

Brenda Ahlemann

West Jordan