A Salt Lake couple rousted from bed early Tuesday by a knock on the door was confronted by a group of men armed with handguns.

Salt Lake police said the robbery happened after the couple heard a knock at the door and the man heard his wife arguing with the robbers.The 32-year-old male victim retreated to his bedroom to call 911 and was followed by one of the five assailants in the 12:05 a.m. incident.

A police report said the assailant attempted to enter the bedroom and extended his gun hand into the room, but the victim shut the door on his arm.

The assailant ended up firing one shot, which struck the wall next to the door.

The report said the victim then shut the door on the assailant and used his body as a brace against the door to keep the intruder at bay. In the meantime, his wife had fled to a neighbor's home.

After some time, it became apparent the armed men had left the home at 905 N. 1400 West, and the pair discovered her purse and keys missing from the front room.